The age old debate, to Fix or not to Fix?

The ability to predict the future is not something any advisor can do.

The interest rates in 2020 are the lowest in Australian History.

Particularly the fixed rates. There are a number of reasons why lenders have potentially dropped the fixed rates, mainly we can assume to create stability in this market. 

This year has not only seen many cash refund offers, encouraging movement in the property loan market however also the unprecedented global economic effect of COVID19.  

Lendtribe cannot advise whether to fix or not.

Clients should only fix because they desire certainty over their loan repayments for the fixed period that choose.

Clients seeking to fix to beat the banks variable rate have been disappointed the majority of the time in the Australian mortgage market with Variable rates over a period of time often being lower than fixed rates.

Fix for certainty, not to beat the banks is the only advice Lendtribe can give regarding whether to Fix or not to Fix.

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