Essential Services Workers

Lendtribe specialises in Essential Services Workers. We understand the need to be available outside of standard working hours for appointments and the challenges shift work places on document collection and signing. 

We are available for virtual meetings anywhere in Australia 7 days a week, to accommodate Essential Services Workers busy schedules. We also use technology to reduce the burden of documentation collection and facilitate digital signatures to ease formal signing of applications and loan contracts.

You work hard for your overtime. Many lenders only accept 40% to 80% of your overtime income. Lendtribe ensure lenders accept 100% of your overtime, to maximise your ability to achieve your lending goals.

We are here to assist with your property purchase, equity release (for renovation, vehicles, travel or debt consolidation) or to refinance to a more suitable solution. Please enquire now to start a conversation with us.

Peter Oates our Senior Adviser is a CFP and MBA qualified Finance Expert with over 15 years experience and will work with you to achieve your goals. 

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