Before you get yourself in a twist over rates, remember the below has no discounting applied or might not be a suitable product for you. It is best to focus on the strategy you are looking to achieve and let us fixate on rates for you. There are many brokers, many banks and many solutions in the market. 

At Lendtribe we focus on what is best for you and your future goals. At times the lowest rate might not provide you the the amount of lending you require to achieve, the suburb you are looking to purchase in, the type of asset you desire or the refinance you are attempting. We have over 50 lenders on our panel including major, second and third tier banks providing an array of solutions depending on your financial needs. (scroll to the bottom of this page for all lenders) 

We only place rates on our website as a guide and depending on you and the above, the rates can increase or decrease. 

Owner Occupied principal & interest 

Home Loan rates for the property you are living in, allowing you to pay down both the interest and the principal of the loan. 

Owner Occupied Interest Only

Owner Occupied Rates paying only the interest, this lowers your repayment, however you will not be paying the loan down. 

Investment PRINCIPAL & Interest 

Investment property rates paying down the principal and the interest. 

Investment Interest ONLY

Rates against investment properties, both variable and fixed. 

Self Managed Super Fund

Rates against your Self Managed Super Fund are higher than standard lending due to the risk associated with limited recourse borrowing meaning if there is any recourse required with the property, the bank is exposed to greater risk than standard lending.