Can you still buy a home on Maternity Leave?

Can you still buy a home on Maternity Leave?

Peter Oates Peter Oates
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Borrowing on Maternity Leave 


If a client is thinking of growing their family and planning for maternity leave or is already on maternity leave, many clients believe they cannot borrow in these circumstances.  This is not entirely true as some lenders have various policies for applicants on maternity leave, even if client is not receiving any income whilst on maternity leave.  



A key factor is whether a client is returning to work within 12 months and already have a return date, role and salary organised with their employer.  If this is the case for a client then there are several options with our lenders. In most cases a lender will accept a letter from an employer stating the above conditions that the client is returning to work on a certain date, in a specific role and on an agreed permanent salary.  We then support this letter with our client’s cash savings on hand stating they can rely on these cash savings to supplement their income while on maternity leave in lieu of returning to work as stated in the letter. 

Planning for a baby is an exciting time and we hope this detail has provided piece of mind that there are options whilst pregnant or on maternity. 

Lendtribe has been using this strategy for some time with great success in assisting clients to purchase property, access equity, debt consolidate or refinance to new lender. Often, we find clients are unaware of the various strategies available to them to achieve their goals and this is a critical benefit of lending advice from Lendtribe. 


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