Free review of any residential property Contract Of Sale, to minimise Conveyancing costs simply request the Section 32 for any property and we will arrange a free review by a qualified Conveyancer!!

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Getting caught up in the excitement of buying a property can be distracting, so please feel free to send a contract to review before you sign to get a second opinion; they do this for FREE.

Between the day a contract is signed and settlement date, many things can happen that may put the intention to own the sold property at risk. When acting for Purchasers your conveyancer takes great care to review the Vendor’s Statement considering the Title, Plans and other Certificates and arrange documentation for settlement while accounting for financial adjustments.

Your conveyancer will liaise with Financial Institutions and Real Estate Agents to ensure properties are transferred correctly and smoothly. Post settlement they notify all utilities and bodies of the change of ownership so Purchasers can enjoy their property with confidence.


It’s important to prepare detailed and thorough Contracts Of Sale and Vendor Statements for Real Estate Agents to confidently promote properties and for Purchasers to make informed buying decisions.

When acting for Vendors your conveyancer compiles details on properties offered to market so potential Purchasers can be fully informed and Real Estate Agents can promote properties with confidence.

A contract can take up to 10 working days to be produced due to the required Certificates; or sooner if a rush fee is paid. So if you know when you’d like to put your property on the market, it’s wise to allow for this stage to be completed.

The documents we prepare to sell properties typically include a Contract of Sale, Auction and Contract Conditions and a Vendor Statement that consists of the necessary Certificates required by Section 32 of the 1962 Sale Of Land Act.

Typically your conveyancer provides Real Estate Agents with 4 bound copies and 1 unbound copy of the Contract and Vendor’s Statement with a PDF file via email and a signed Section 27 as soon as possible. This provides Real Estate Agents with the optimum tools to inform potential buyers about properties from a legal perspective so they can promote features and benefits to achieve the best sale price possible.

When a property has been sold your conveyancer will liaise with the Purchaser, Real Estate Agent and Financial Institution to confirm financial adjustments and prepare documentation for Settlement to ensure a smooth Title exchange. After Settlements they notify the required bodies of the change of ownership to stop expenses being incurred beyond the settlement date.